Safety, Health & Environment

FES recognises and endorses all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment and stress’s the importance to all employees of the Health and Safety of themselves, the public, and that of all others.

It is our policy to perform work in the safest practicable manner and consistent with high standards of good practice. The Health and Safety of our employees and all of those whom may be affected by our operations is the responsibility of the management and as a priority ranks higher than any other business issue. Within our annual budget we include all necessary costs for training and the education of Health and Safety.

THSP Certificate 2017-18

Our independent Health and Safety advisors and consultants are the ‘Health and Safety People Company Ltd’. They provide professional advice and training to the Company, along with news bulletins and independent surveys of our Offices and Sites.

FES communicate Health and Safety to our site employees via the issue of site safety booklets to all employees and Sub-Contractors at the initial site induction. Specific and general Health and Safety issues are discussed at Tool Box Talks and advised by Company Memorandums.
Our commitment to health and safety is reflected in our accident frequency rate, which is extremely lower than that of the industry average and which we strive to still improve to reach zero harm.

We aim to continually improve health and safety by:
> Management
> Training
> Learning
> Awareness
> Planning
> Communication
> Resources
> Equipment

Our Aims and Objectives

We strive at FES to achieve zero accidents and incidents with a safe culture, that encourages the correct working behaviours and attitudes. Within all of our Staff and Sub-contractors alike, to ensure that our workforce goes home safely to their family each evening.

Embrace and promote wellbeing. Build a committed work force, which is knowledgeable, capable and promoting wellness.

Protect the natural environment and not leave a legacy to affect future generations.